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Sculptor Adrian Worsley designs and constructs unique and original sculptures entirely from recycled materials in his studio/workshop in Te Aroha. With works featuring clever blending of materials and immaculate finishes, Adrian breathes new life into the inanimate objects around him transforming them into magnificent tactile works of art.

Being a former fitter/welder with many years of managing and performing fit-outs and housing renovations under his belt, has served Adrian well for working with and understanding the properties of the materials in his chosen medium. Adrian is now perfectly placed to combine his experience and the practical skills gained along the way with his creativity and vision as an artist. Combinations of copper, stainless, wood and steel can all be brought together in an individual piece, allowing contrast, creating warmth and movement, and infusing the sculpture with a life of its own.

During the last 6 years Adrian has followed his dreams, moving away from the wide range of cabinetry, furniture and fit-out work performed previously, to concentrate exclusively on sculpting and opening his own on premise Gallery to showcase his work.

Adrian’s evolving style can be evidenced in his work over time. In earlier works the handpicked objects are cleverly pieced together to form the overall sculpture, but the individual parts are easily distinguishable and mostly still true to their original form. In his later works, Adrian takes the individual parts and moulds them to his will, integrating them into the very fibre of the sculpture. Separate items are no longer obvious at first glance, and one can be looking at a perfectly formed tail, not realising that is in fact comprised entirely of chainsaw chains.

Recently Adrian has turned his focus to creating larger and more complex commissioned pieces for companies and individuals. With a concurrent project on the go, furnishing the town with a series of sculptures functioning as bicycle racks and a drinking fountain. Three of which are already installed, with more to come.

In the near future Adrian is hoping to find time to use the vast array of items in his yard and create the visions that crowd his imagination and keep him awake at night. Then to display and sell those pieces in his own Gallery where he gets to witness the pleasure they bring to each customer.

Adrian is extremely passionate about his work, taking pride in every piece no matter how complex or simple, large or small. Each piece bears testament to his skilful welding, amazing attention to detail, specialist preparation and the high quality finishing techniques that place him in a class of his own.

Being a perfectionist takes its toll. A piece will not leave the workshop until it meets Adrian’s exacting standards. If something does not look right to Adrian, he will tear it down and rebuild it until he is completely satisfied with the result.

One of Adrian’s key goals is “to forever improve and learn as an artist”. This means he is constantly striving to make each sculpture better than the last.

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